YOSAKOI TOUR 2024 With English Guide

YOSAKOI TOUR 2024 With English Guide [4 nights and 5 days]

Yosakoi is a dance festival held in Kochi city in August. Over four days, the city comes alive in a carnival-like atmosphere of music, dance and jubilation. The energetic blend of traditional and modern dance styles along with the colorful and imaginative costumes has become so popular that dance teams and spin-off festivals have spread throughout Japan and in various countries around the world. The friendly people of Kochi love parties and this is the biggest one of the year. We at Kochi Amigo are very excited to offer this unique and limited tour.
Highlight●Go behind the scenes with a Yosakoi team. Interact with the members and cheer for our team.
●Watch the performances from our reserved seats or wander around the festival at your own pace.
●Guests can also dress up in yosakoi costumes for photos!
●Experience the best cuisine that Kochi has to offer. Taste delicious local sake and craft beer.
●Enjoy the comfort of Japanese hospitality in a three star hotel.
Main activity●Yosakoi Festival
●Houseboat Tour
PeriodAug 9th -Aug 13th
Included4 nights 3 star hotel
4 breakfasts / 4 dinners ( each dinner with 1 alcoholic drink )
English-speaking guide
Everyday Yosakoi Special Seats
Yosakoi Costume Photo
Original Naruko Making Experience
Not includedAlcohol
Other personal expenses
CostSingle occupancy    : ¥280,000
Double occupancy   : ¥250,000

Welcome Party [9 / Aug]

After a briefing on this tour at a traditional Japanese ryotei restaurant, we will have a special Japanese dinner and welcome party.
We will also have great seats to watch the fireworks display on the eve of the Yosakoi Festival.

17:00 Meet at the Hotel
Hotel check-in is available from 13:00. You may leave your luggage until the meeting time and explore the town.

17:30 Welcome Dinner at Hamacho
Special Japanese cuisine will be served at a traditional Tosa ryotei restaurant.

20:00 Fireworks Start
Viewing from the river terrace at Hamacho

22:00 Return to the Hotel

Yosakoi Festival Starts [10 / Aug]

Finally, the Yosakoi Festival will start this afternoon. Please enjoy the excitement in special seats. In the morning, we will guide you through the center of Kochi city, including the Yosakoi Museum.

9:30 Kochi City Guide
Guided tour of central Kochi City. At the Yosakoi
Museum, take pictures in Yosakoi costumes and try your hand at making your own Naruko.

12:00 Lunch
Recommended restaurants. Please enjoy lunch on your own while exploring this gastronomic city.

13:00 Yosakoi Festival Starts
Enjoy the excitement of the Yosakoi Festival with reserved seats. Cheer on the Hamacho team and explore the festival town.

19:00 Special Dinner at Ishyun
Savor local delicacies at one of Kochi’s best restaurants.

21:00 Return to the Hotel

Participation in Yosakoi [11 / Aug]

The festival will start in the afternoon. You are free to take a rest in the morning or participate in the calligraphy experience.
If you wish, you can join the Yosakoi dance performance in the afternoon.

9:30 Calligraphy Experience
Choose your favorite Kanji and write it on Japanese paper. Perfect as a souvenir for family and friends.

12:00 Lunch
Recommended restaurants. Please enjoy lunch on your own while exploring this gastronomic city.

13:00 View, Cheer & Participate in Yosakoi
You will enjoy Yosakoi to the fullest by cheering for and observing the teams that will be specially performing with the tour, and by joining in and dancing together with them.

18:30 Geisha Party at Hamacho
Enjoy a traditional Japanese banquet and interactive performances with Geisha.

21:00 Return to the Hotel

Yosakoi Finale [12/ Aug]

The final day of the competition will be filled with teams from all over the country. In the evening there will be a final dance to determine this year’s winning team. Of course, please enjoy the reserved seats.

9:30 Tea Ceremony
Experience the traditional Japanese art of Sado with a tea teacher. Enjoy drinking matcha with traditional sweets. Tired guests can also rest at the hotel.

12:00 Lunch
Recommended restaurants. Please enjoy lunch on your own while exploring this gastronomic city.

13:00 Yosakoi Festival Starts
Teams from all over the country will also participate on the final day.

18:30 The Finale
Only the best teams are invited on stage for the final performance that will decide the winner of Yosakoi.

22:00 Return to the Hotel

Final Day [13/ Aug]

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and check out.
Join a morning sightseeing tour of Kochi
City on a Houseboat.

9:30 Houseboat Tour
Visitors will view the Kagami
River, which flows through the
city, on a traditional Japanese

11:30 Departure
The tour is coming to an end.
We will keep your luggage after
check-out time for those who
wish to join the boat tour or go
sightseeing in the city.
Also, if you are departing from
Kochi by plane or train, don’t
worry, our guides will kindly
explain how to get there.

Who is the Tour Guide ?

Matthew Bennett

He has traveled to Japan many times since he began working as a manager in a Japanese restaurant in Chicago. His first visit to Shikoku Island was to walk the famous Buddhist pilgrimage known as the Shikoku Henro. He fell in love with the people and culture of this wonderful land and returned three more times to walk the path, finally settling here seven years ago.
Matthew is a big fan of the Yosakoi Festival and participates every year. He knows many of the highlights that only locals can understand.
Kochi is also one of the most gastronomic cities in Japan. Matthew, who loves to eat, will also introduce you to some of the best restaurants in Kochi.


All four nights will be spent at the 3-star JR Clement Inn Kochi hotel. The hotel is warmly built with plenty of Kochi’s specialty wood and is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Kochi Station.

For free breakfast, guests can choose from a toast set or Japanese set meal featuring fish.   Complimentary coffee and tea are served in the lounge space on the first floor.

There is also a laundry room for a fee, so a 4-night trip is not a hardship.

Please note that all rooms are non-smoking and that there is only one bed width of 140 cm for double occupancy.

What is YOSAKOI ?

 First held in 1954 to energize the people of Kochi Prefecture after the war, this unique festival is representative of Kochi’s local culture.

Although the Yosakoi festival has now spread throughout Japan, the original festival is still held in Kochi and remains the most exciting.

Each team must use Naruko clappers and their music must include some part of the traditional song “Yosakoi Naruko Odori” (Yosakoi Naruko Dance). Other than that, each team expresses its own style, and the dizzying changes in costumes, floats, flags and musical accompaniment are a sight to behold. Due to the coronavirus, the festival was canceled in 2020 and 2021, and held in a very limited form in 2022. The festival was held again in 2023, and there is no doubt that this year’s festival will once again be a great success.

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