Three features of “KOCHI ADVENTURE RIDE”

1. Tour with a “through guide” who is familiar with the area

The number of participants in one tour is set at 4 to 8 people. During the tour, a “through guide” who is fluent in foreign languages will accompany you. We strive to interpret local spot guides, manage processes, and improve customer safety and satisfaction. In addition to English, Spanish is also available.

2. Tour transportation is “e-bike”

This tour allows you to experience the nature of Kochi Prefecture while traveling on an “e-bike”. The “e-bike” can meet the elements of “challenge and experience” that target customers want, and in terms of “sustainability”, which is the keyword of the SDGs, “e-bike” does not emit exhaust gas and is environmentally friendly mobility.

3. Planning in collaboration with the community is possible

Develop tour plans in collaboration with local business operators (producers, guides, restaurants, tourist associations, etc.) in order to spotlight the lives, cultures, traditions, nature, and climate of local people and provide experiences that raise respect. . We have built cooperative relationships with businesses and producers in Kochi, so we can plan with a focus on food experiences unique to Kochi.

Tour overview

The main target is inbound tourists from Europe, America and Australia in their 30s and 40s. Guided by a guide who knows the local area, it is an adventure travel that runs around Kochi, where the unspoiled nature and old-fashioned lifestyle remain, by e-bike.

Through Guide (Team Manager)

Always act with the customer, guide the entire tour, manage the process, and manage safety.

Support guide (sub-responsible person)

Support through guides such as driving a support car, preparing for glamping, and contacting local businesses.

Sports type “e-bike”

Rent a sports e-bike that can run over 100km in eco mode.

Support car

It will be used for e-bike transportation to the meeting place, equipment set, customer’s luggage, and emergency car transportation.

Equipment preparation

Glamping equipment We offer a variety of equipment such as first-aid equipment, rain gear, repair tools, etc. to increase customer satisfaction.