KochiAmigo specializes in tours mainly in Kochi, Shikoku in English, Spanish and Japanese. With guides who know the local area well, we ride e-bikes around Kochi, where nature is as it is and traditional life still remains.

We can also provide tailor-made tours to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Company information

Company nameKochiAmigo株式会社(KochiAmigo.inc)
Date of establishmentOctober 25, 2022
The location of the company2-1-3 Honcho Akebono Building 3F, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
Business content1) Planning, production and sales of small-group guided tours
2) Tour program for corporate training
3) Development of inbound through guides
Qualifications heldRegistered Travel Business: Kochi Prefectural Governor Registered Travel Business Type 3-142
Registration Date: 2023
JCTA (Japan Cycle Tourism Association certified cycling tour guide)
Masao Osagawa (certification number 22-01-0297)
Koichi Kurachi (certification number 22-01-0300)
Domestic travel business handling manager 04-54-2905
Emi Osagawa


To contribute to the earth 100 years from now by communicating the charm of Kochi Prefecture’s satoyama to the world.


・ Spread awareness of Kochi as an attractive tourist destination to the world.

・Spotlight on Kochi’s lifestyle, culture, traditions, nature, and climate to enhance respect and value.

・ Contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism by promoting responsible tourism in Kochi


Thank you for visiting the KochiAmigo, Inc. website. We at KochiAmigo want you to experience the deep charms of Kochi and Shikoku, which cannot be experienced through ordinary sightseeing.

This is because the founding members of KochiAmigo were all obsessed with the unknown and traveled abroad at one time or another.

For example, Masao Osagawa, aka “Machao,” our president, lived in Central America and Africa for a total of nearly 15 years, and took advantage of the long vacations that only an overseas company can offer, traveling to Europe and the Americas every year.
During that time, their style of travel changed from single to married couples and with children, but they always made it a point to travel to experience the real local thing, staying in an apartment with a kitchen for short periods of time while shopping at markets, participating in local events and sometimes volunteering, and cherishing the experience of being in touch with the local community.
When an epidemic of infectious disease forced me to relocate to Japan for a while, I rediscovered for the first time in a long time that Japan is a country with a unique culture and traditions, and I moved to Kochi with the idea of developing a travel agency to bring this wonderful experience to people around the world.

Koichi Kurachi, aka “Ko-chan”, the other representative, retired from a major city bank and spent about two years traveling around the world as a backpacker, mainly visiting national parks. He did not stay at hotels or guesthouses, but used a short-term homestay service called “couch surfing” in order to experience local culture and to interact with local people in each country. After traveling around the world, he went back to work in Japan, and, as if by fate, he was transferred to Kochi prefecture. While working on a mission to deliver Kochi’s rich and miraculously delicious food to people in and outside the prefecture, he realized that the real charm of Kochi was not being conveyed to people in other ares of Japan and abroad. We decided to develop a travel agency that would allow people to experience Kochi and Shikoku deeply and genuinely by using our experience of travel around the world.

The name of our company reflects our desire to be “Amigos” with everyone involved, including our team, guides, operators, local residents, customers, and you, the reader of this newsletter.

In the near future, we hope that as many people as possible will discover, enjoy, and be moved by the charms of Kochi and Shikoku, just as we ourselves have been. For this purpose, we will preserve important traditions, cooperate with the local community, and improve the necessary support on a daily basis. We want to give back to Kochi and Shikoku for inspiring us in this way.

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