[Chugei area] Let’s go around Higashi Kochi’s Japan heritage and 100-year food by e-bike!

Higashi Kochi’s sake, sun-dried salt, sweetfish, and yuzu are all highly regarded worldwide. In addition, Yanase cedar was loved and valued by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a feudal lord of the Sengoku period. Its finest resources are all thanks to the two rivers that flow through the area, the Nahari River and the Yasuda River.

In this tour, you will ride an e-bike along the tracks of the forest railway that stretches throughout the region. You can touch the story woven by the two through your five senses. Furthermore, trekking Senbonyama, the source of resources, is the highlight of the trip. While trekking, listen to the guide’s commentary while approaching the mystery of how the two great clear streams are created.

Let’s go on a 4-night, 5-day trip to experience the Japanese heritage of Higashi Kochi and 100-year food on an e-bike.

【First day】

1. Meet at Nahari Station

Meet at Nahari Station at 9:45.

All means of transportation for this trip is e-bike. After the meeting, a start meeting is held, and everyone confirms the adjustment of the saddle and seat, and notes on running. In addition, we will listen to your physical strength and bicycle level, and build a team so that you can participate with peace of mind.

Once you’re ready, head to your first destination!|
e-bike 1km

2. Tano-cho complete sun-dried salt making experience facility


The first destination is “Tanoya Shiojiro” in Tanomachi, a complete sun-dried salt making experience facility.
The salt of “Tanoya Shiojiro” is not heated, it is made from seawater using only the sun and the touch of the hands of the craftsmen. You can observe and experience the manufacturing process of salt loved by Michelin chefs around the world up close.

◆ Duration: 10:30 ~ (about 45 minutes)

e-bike 7km

3. Daishin Theater

Next, head to the Daishin Theater, a movie theater with a history of 60 years. The interior of the theater, which opened during the forest railway era, has posters all over the walls, creating a retro atmosphere.

Here is the interpretation of this tour. After confirming the topography of the course and its origins with 3D glasses, watch a guide video of the Japan Heritage Story. If you listen to the director’s story, who knows the forest railway era, and deepen your understanding of the area, your trip after this will be even more interesting.

◆ Duration: 11:45 ~ (about 1 hour)

e-bike  2km

4. Lunch (Ajikoubou Jinen)

Lunch will be served at Ajikoubou Jinen, a direct sales store and dining room in Yasuda-cho. On the lunch menu, you can enjoy special dishes that can only be enjoyed here, such as “Jinen-don” and “Jinen-udon”, which are topped with local yam (Japanese yam). Make sure you have a good stomach for the next move.

Don’t miss the fresh vegetables and specialty products sold at the direct sales store.

◆ Time required: 13:00 ~ (about 1 hour)

e-bike  13km

5. Community Center Umaji Onsen

At 17:00, we arrived at the community center Umaji Onsen, the goal of the day. Soaking yourself in the high-quality hot springs will help relieve the fatigue of traveling long distances. Please spend some time in your own way until dinner time.

\Point/Guide to forest railway remains such as tunnels and bridges on the way!

6. Dinner

Dinner is at 18:30. We will have hospitality dishes that use plenty of local ingredients such as amego and yuzu. After recharging your energy with a delicious meal and a pleasant hot spring, take a good rest in preparation for tomorrow.

Total distance traveled today: about 23km

【Day 2】

1. Departure from Community Center Umaji Onsen

At 9:00, depart from Community Center Umaji Onsen. The distance traveled on the second day was about 21km, which is about 2km less than the first day. First, let’s warm up and cycle to the village where you can smell the scent of yuzu.

e-bike 5km

2. Umajimura-aina district

The first destination on the second day was the Aina district of Umaji Village. Visit the local yuzu industry while visiting small villages in the mountains that have been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Japan. There are also scenes where local residents teach us about the traditions and customs of Japan’s satoyama.

◆ Duration: 9:30 ~ (about 3 hours)

e-bike 1km

3. Lunch (changes depending on the season and weather)

After seeing the charm of Umaji Village, it’s time for lunch.

Since you will be traveling long distances after this, make sure you are well nourished. Don’t forget to take restroom breaks.

◆ Time required: 12:45~ (about 1 hour)

e-bike  15km

\Point/Coffee and chocolate break according to the customer’s fatigue level and scenic point!

3. Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite

At 14:30, we arrived at the Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite, which overlooks the beautiful Yanase Dam Lake.

After check-in, you will have free time. Feel free to take a walk around the campground or Yanase area. There is also a fishing pond and fishing equipment for rent, so why not take this opportunity to try it?

4. Dinner

At 16:30, dinner preparations start at the campsite. A warm meal in nature is exceptional!

The next day, the third day, will be the day with the longest travel distance in this tour.

Please conserve your strength so that you don’t get too tired.

Total distance traveled today: about 21km

【Day 3】

1. Departure from Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite

At 8:00, depart from the Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite. We will aim for Senbonyama, which will be the highlight of this tour.

e-bike 13km

2. Senbonyama trekking

Trekking through Senbonyama, the source of Chugei’s natural resources, with a spot guide.

Senbonyama is known as a mountain that produces high-quality giant trees, and has been used for building castles and shrines and temples since the Warring States period.

In Yamauchi, there are giant trees over 25m tall, including the 50m tall Senbonyamabashi Osugi, which was selected as one of the 100 Giants of the Forest by the Forestry Agency. There are many places to see, such as spots with more than 1,700 trees. While gazing at the spectacular scenery that can only be seen here, listen to a spot guide explain why such high-quality resources are produced from the perspective of weather phenomena and geology.

In addition, there is a lunch break during the trekking, so you can feel the mystery of Senbonyama with your five senses.

◆ Duration: 10:30 ~ (about 3 hours)

e-bike or Car 13km

3. Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite

After getting off Senbonyama, take a break and head back to the Yanase Forest Park campsite cottage. If you spend a relaxing time in nature, you will be able to get rid of the fatigue of trekking.

【Day 4】

1. Departure from Yanase Forest Park Auto Campsite

On the morning of the 4th day, I have relatively more time. After having breakfast at the cottage, it’s time to take a walk on your own until lunch. After lunch, we will finally depart.

e-bike 13km

2. Moss Guide (Shima District)

Moss is becoming a new attraction in the Chugei area. Contrary to the plain impression, it is an important existence that underpins the forestry industry that supported Japan’s high-growth period, as well as sake and salt that have won gold medals in global contests. Here, you will learn important tips for life from the unknown ecology.

◆ Time required: 14:00 ~ (about 1.5 hours)

e-bike 16km

3. Kitagawamura Onsen Yuzu no Yado

At 17:00, we arrived at Kitagawamura Onsen Yuzu no Yado, our accommodation for the day. good job for today!

Afterwards, relax in the comfort of the warmth of the wood. Please enjoy the hot springs where the hot water melts into your skin.

4. Dinner

Dinner time from 18:30.

Relieve your fatigue with our specialty dishes that use plenty of seafood, mountains, and rivers. Enjoy the final night of your trip to your heart’s content.

Total distance traveled today: about 29km

【Day 5】

1. Kitagawamura Onsen Yuzu no Yado Departure

Finally the morning of the last day.

You have some time before the first activity of the day, so you can take another bath or take a walk around the area. After enjoying the morning at the hot spring inn, we will depart.

2. Inaka sushi experience and lunch

You will experience cooking “inaka sushi”, which is a traditional Kochi dish and has been selected as a “100-year food declaration” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, which officially certifies local food that has been handed down for 100 years.

 When you hear the word “sushi,” you think of seafood such as tuna and salmon, but the “inaka sushi” that you can enjoy in this area is mainly vegetable-based sushi made with seasonal ingredients from mountain villages. It is also characterized by its rich colors, such as the yellow of bamboo shoots, the pink of myoga ginger, the green of dragonflies, and the black of shiitake mushrooms.

After finishing, take a lunch break while eating home-made country sushi. You should be able to discover a new charm of Japan in the unusual taste of sushi.

◆ Time required: 10:30~ (about 2.5 hours)

e-bike 5km

3. Nahari Town Guide

The last activity is a tour of Nahari Town. The town has long prospered as a transportation hub connecting Tosa (Kochi Prefecture) and Awa (Tokushima Prefecture). In the town, there is a large ship repair dock, which is rare in Japan, and a silk mill that was in operation until the end in western Japan.

e-bike 1km

4. Dissolution at Nahari Station

This is also the end of this tour that ran around the Chugei area on an e-bike.

Thank you all for your hard work. Please join us for adventure tourism in Kochi.

Total distance traveled today: about 20km

<Tour overview>

Tour nameJapan heritage and 100-year food of Higashi Kochi by e-bike
PeriodEvery year from September to next June (excluding July and August)
ScheduleMonday departure / 4 nights 5 days
Supported languageJapanese and Spanish will be accepted from March 2023 *English is negotiable.
Selling priceInbound (English, Spanish guide)
・250,000 yen per person 
・Single room additional charge +30,000 yen
Japanese (Japanese guide)
・200,000 yen per person
・Single room additional charge +30,000 yen
Participation conditionsThose who are over 150 cm tall. Healthy person who can drive a bicycle.
Cancellation chargeStarting from the day before the trip start date, the following cancellation fees will be charged. Please be careful.
・20% from 20 days to 8 days
・30% from 7 days to 2 days before
・ 40% until the day before
・50% on the day
・ 100% non-contact non-participation after the start of the trip
NotesAbout e-bikes
・E-bikes will be the main means of transportation during this tour. Please wear clothes that are easy to move in.
・E-bikes are suitable for people over 150 cm tall. Helmets are also provided.
・You can leave your luggage in the support car that runs parallel to the tour during the tour, but please be sure to carry your valuables with you.
About clothes and equipment
・The lodging area is located in a mountainous village, and it is expected to be severely cold in the mornings and evenings. We recommend that you prepare a neck warmer and gloves (with anti-slip).
・We plan to hold the event in the rain, so please prepare your own rain gear such as a kappa.
・Trekking is scheduled on the third day. It is a light activity that even beginners can climb, but it becomes very slippery in rainy weather, so we recommend that you prepare trekking shoes.
・In the event of typhoons, strong winds, or weather conditions that may cause hypothermia, activities may be subject to change. Please note.
・Please refrain from drinking alcohol except during dinner, as you will be traveling by e-bike. If it is discovered, you will be asked to leave at your own expense.